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Lynne Porter is a professional scenic designer. 


She is a Full Professor of Theatre and Resident Designer at Fairfield University, in Fairfield, CT.  She is also Director of the Theatre Program.  She previously served as the Academic Director of Creative Life Residential College, a sophomore experience focused on inspiring the creative impulse.  She also served as Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department.  In addition to Fairfield, she has also held faculty positions at Susquehanna University, University of North Texas, and Mars Hill University. 


Working as a designer and educator, she became fascinated with the creative process--where do good design ideas come from?  What mental processes underlie the sketches and models that designers make?  These questions started an odyssey that transformed her thinking about the design process, which led to her writing about creativity and design.  Her book, Unmasking Theatre Design, was released by Focal Press. 


Professionally, she has held numerous positions as scenic artist, props artisan and scenic technician for regional theatres and professional scene shops.  


She regularly designs for the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, where she is an Affiliated Artist of the Ensemble.  She has also designed extensively for the Harrisburg Shakespeare Company, Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre, and Penobscot Theatre Company.  She also has design credits with Connecticut Lyric Opera, Guerrilla Shakespeare Project, Connecticut Free Shakespeare, Arden Theatre Company, and Horizon Theatre Company.  She was the Founding Artistic Director of Shakespeare Ventures, a professional classical summer theatre, where she both directed and designed.  


Lynne is an Associate Member of the Shakespeare Theatre Association.  She is also a member of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, as well as the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, where she regularly chairs panel discussions at the annual conference.  She holds an MFA in scenic design from Indiana University. 


She lives in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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